REALITY CHECK: Republicans and Trump are still on course for a 2020 victory!


On Tuesday evening, as the US mid-term election results were coming in, Hollywood and the liberal elite were portraying the results to be a huge victory. It is almost embarrassing when watching what the likes of Joy Behar on the View, and late-night host Trevor Joseph were saying on TV. The fact is that the Democrats did reasonably well, but their predicted “blue wave” was actually a blue puddle instead. President Trump’s victory in 2016 was without a doubt a complete shock to the celebrities of Hollywood, and they have made no secrets in using their TV shows to criticise the Commander-in-Chief. Nevertheless, the results show that President Trump and the Republicans are not only popular, but they are expected to win the 2020 Presidential election.

What were the results?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, you will know that the Democrats have taken back control of the House of Representatives, but with a slimmer majority than expected. Yes this will make it more difficult for President Trump to push through his “America First” agenda, but he still has control of the senate. This means that future legislation to repeal Obamacare, and the introduction of tighter immigration laws will be made almost impossible to get through. The incumbent speaker is meant to be Nancy Pelosi, but already there is discussion as to whether she should lead the Democrats in the house because of her age and the fact that she has previously been speaker before.

Senate mid-term results.jpg
BBC map showing the results of the Senate. 
House mid-term results.png
BBC map showing the House of Representatives result

Ever since the results came in, liberals have been eager to use the word “impeachment” because the House can initiate the proceedings. However, they fail to recognise that the Senate have more legitimate and legislative say on whether the President is impeached, but since the Republicans have maintained their Senate majority this seems unrealistic. For the Republicans to win states like Florida and Georgia in the Senate is remarkably impressive. Furthermore, it is amusing to observe that every candidate who was endorsed by Obama, Oprah, or Taylor Swift FAILED to win. Voters are fed up with being told what is “best for America” and this does nothing but hinder the Democrats.

What were the main voting issues?

President Trump was undoubtedly up for election in Democratic areas, as they are upset with his rhetoric and appearance on the world stage. The problem for the Democrats is that they can’t talk about the economy because it is at a record high, and they can’t take about immigration. The only topics left to use against the Republicans is healthcare and the President himself. Not only is this slightly desperate but it also shows that President Trump is actually keeping the promises he made to the American people during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

However, what was clear from the results is that issues are divided in America due to geographical location. In Texas and other southern states, immigration was high on the agenda and President Trump’s border wall construction was a favourite with the voters. In the Northern states, immigration seemed irrelevant and Republican candidates focused heavily on the incredible economic growth since 2016. What hardly needs mentioning, is that “middle-America” voted once again for Republicans, and the major US cities voted for the Democrats.


The Presidential campaign in 2020 will be much the same as the one in 2016; liberals and Democrats will use the President’s rhetoric and divisiveness to attack him. However, it appears that President Trump is in a very strong position; the economy is performing the best this century, and the hard-line immigration stance is working. The mid-term results were slightly disappointing for the Republicans, but many will be cheerful and relieved that it was not the “blue wave” that was expected. These mid-term elections were the most successful in the last 20 years for any President; Obama lost nearly three times as many seats in the House as Trump in his first mid-term elections. The Republicans will be cautiously optimistic heading into 2020, and if the Democrats do not change their position and pointless stance on the President, then 2020 looks set for victory!

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