The People’s Vote campaign is an illogical, undemocratic, and naive concept


It is not surprising to realise that a lot of people didn’t like the EU referendum result in 2016. However, it is certainly unusual that people would protest a national vote’s result, as anyone with common sense would understand that it is ridiculous to create a campaign group dedicated to destroying the will of the people. In the past few weeks, prominent celebrities and business owners have supported a “people’s vote”, but this has backfired and the brexit voters clearly haven’t changed their mind according to opinion polls.

The official group called the “People’s Vote” was launched in June 2018. Labour MP Chuka Umunna and Conservative MP Anna Soubry are the main politicians behind the campaign, as well as the famous actor Sir Patrick Stewart. Billionaire George Soros has reportedly donated over £100,000 to the campaign, as well as celebrities such as Gary Linker endorsing the campaign.

People's vote sir patrick stewart.jpg
Actor, Sir Patrick Stewart, helped create the People’s Vote campaign

Simply from observing the figures behind the campaign group, it demonstrates that they clearly have no idea why Brexit happened. One of the main reasons people voted for change, was to send a message to the out-of-touch liberal elite establishment. Nonetheless, MP’s Umunna and Soubry believe that the British people were wrong and misguided during the referendum. However, their campaign is very hypocritical and there are many questions which they simply cannot answer definitively.

According to the People’s Vote campaign, they want a final say on the government’s deal. Let’s enter the unrealistic and disastrous scenario that the UK government endorses a second referendum, and the People’s Vote group wins…what happens next? Does this result in a “no deal” Brexit, does it mean the government has to enter another 2 years of negotiations, or does it mean we simply remain in the UK and become an international embarrassment? The People’s Vote campaign cannot answer any of these questions with certainty, and it is no surprise.

Brexit voters.jpg
Brexit voters campaigning against Prime Minister May’s soft-brexit Chequers Plan


Furthermore, the People’s Vote does not understand that Brexiteers are still unbelievably passionate about the desire to leave the EU. If there was another vote, it would cause disruption and even create the potential for violence and unrest throughout the country. The London-centric liberal elite are clueless about how EU law and freedom of movement has affected British society.

The simple fact of the matter is that this campaign group is created and run by a bunch of pathetic, undemocratic losers, who can’t accept what the British people want. They have no genuine evidence to show that the majority of the UK want another vote. The UK public are sick and tired of clueless politicians telling them they are wrong and that they know what is best. A second referendum will never happen, and the likes of Anna Soubry and Chuku Umunna need to GET OVER IT!

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