Tory MP’s who defy the government on Brexit should be DESELECTED!


Theresa May and her Conservative government are facing another tiresome week of war against the House of Lords and remoaner rebels in her own party. Not only is it tedious for the Prime Minister, but it is also very frustrating for the public, in particular Brexit voters. Obviously, it will always be difficult for any minority government to pass legislation through without problems. However, Conservative MP’s who defy the party’s three-line whip and cause chaos for their leader MUST be deselected!

The tabloid press have been incredibly efficient in exposing who the Conervative traitors are. The Daily Telegraph was quick to highlight the major figures within the rebellion in November 2017. Their controversial headline the “Brexit mutineers” sparked outrage throughout the House of Commons.

Telegraph headline.jpg
Daily Telegraph front page in November 2017

Within the rebel group, there are some former ministers such as Nicky Morgan. Although the majority of MP’s in the rebellion represent a constituency that voted remain, there are still a few who are not only defying the will of the country, but also the people they REPRESENT. Currently, the most controversial rebel is Dominic Grieve and his obvious disloyalty to the Conservative Party.

Dominic Grieve has recently said he was prepared to “collapse the government over the Brexit vote”. Obviously, this has been met with disgust by his fellow MP’s. Mr Grieve attempts to justify his disgraceful actions by saying it is in the best interests of his constituency. If we decided to use Mr Grieve’s logic, then surely every single MP would have to take the stance that their constituency voted? Below is a table from the UEA and BBC showing the outcome of this theory….

Brexit data.png
Data from Brexit vote

The figures are conclusive; if MP’s were forced to take a stance on behalf of their constituents then it would be an obvious Leave victory, and Theresa May’s government would have no trouble in passing Brexit legislation. Nonetheless, the group of troublemakers are still ignoring the will of the people and the inevitable future that the UK will be leaving the EU.

Furthermore, these rebels are not just frustrating the process but they are also showing party disloyalty. Kenneth Clarke is the “Father of the House” and has represented the Conservatives in the House of Commons for over 40 years. Critics of Brexit always say that former Prime Minister David Cameron put his “party before country”, however in this instance MP’s ought to recognise that the Conservative Party’s and the public’s wish is EXACTLY THE SAME.

newspaper attack
Tabloid Press warning anti-Brexit MP’s 

Undoubtedly, there would be a revolution if Brexit was not passed through the House of Commons. These rebel MP’s do not realise the passion, hard-work, and determination of Brexit supporters and voters. If the likes of Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry, and Dominic Grieve do not change their anti-democratic stance on Brexit, then they may have not simply accidentally started a revolution, but they would have also opened the door of Downing Street for Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist colleagues!

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