The SNP have become too dull, pathetic, and immature for British politics!


This week, Scottish National Party MP’s walked out of Prime Minister’s Questions in protest, and this highlighted just how tedious they are becoming. It is no surprise that SNP members dislike the UK parliament, but walking out of a live session is unprecedented. Although the SNP primarily care for issues relating to Scotland, they are causing chaos for everyone else. Their attitude towards Brexit as well as a 2nd Scottish Independence is so tiresome that they will receive a huge shock at the next General Election.

The leader of SNP MP’s, Ian Blackford, was furious during PMQ’s that MP’s had not been allowed enough time to debate the EU withdrawal bill. He demanded that the House now sits in “private” but Speaker John Bercow obviously refused his request to hold the vote to his proposal immediately.

Ian Blackford
Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster leader

However, the SNP didn’t get their own way and all of their MP’s decided to leave the chamber. Ironically, Ian Blackford was then suspended for the rest of the session, meaning he can’t take part in the second reading of the EU withdrawal bill.

Although it is plausible to understand why the SNP are so frustrated, it is completely unnecessary to walk out in protest. Democracy is about expression and the passion of different views, therefore it is utterly ridiculous for Ian Blackford and the SNP to walk out in protest knowing that the consequence would obviously restrict his opinion.

SNP walk out
SNP members walk out in protest at PMQ’s

Brexit has reached a vital stage, and the House of Commons is facing days of voting through legislation. The current Conservative government do not hold a majority of seats, and therefore every vote is absolutely crucial. One would think this scenario would ensure mature, detailed, and passionate debate?!

However, the SNP clearly think they are better than everyone else in the House of Commons. Their stance on Brexit is ultra “remoaning” and they have failed to genuinely grasp the fact that Brexit is about Great Britain and NOT just Scotland. Furthermore, it appears that they still do not understand why people voted for Brexit.

In the 2017 General Election, the SNP received an unbelievable shock. Their 2015 result of achieving 54 seats was diminished as they lost 21 of those seats. The Conservatives stole most of these seats, and the main reason is because they ACCEPT the Brexit referendum and also REFUSE to hold a 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum.

SNP nicola
SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon

Support for Scottish Independence has hit record lows since the Brexit referendum, but that doesn’t stop Nicola Sturgeon and her party of whingers from asking for another one. Referendums are rare events, and they are used for major issues of which the public deserves the final say. Nonetheless, the SNP still believe they know better than the population of Scotland and the rest of the UK.

If the SNP maintain their insulting and demeaning policies, then the next General Election will be a disaster for them. Losing 21 seats in 2017 would be seen as a tiny tremble in comparison to the next election. Let’s hope that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP either GROW UP or LOSE ALL OF THEIR SEATS.




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