Theresa May MUST show some authority, otherwise the Brexit deal will fail!


Recent days have revealed the chaos about the government’s infighting regarding Brexit. There were rumours of Brexit Secretary David Davis resigning, and then Boris Johnson was caught making comments in private about the situation. It is a well known fact that the cabinet are split on various issues regarding the UK’s exit from the EU. An authoritative leader should be able to keep them in control, and to show a united front. Now is the time Theresa May demonstrates to the UK public why she still remains in Downing Street!

The latest of problems is about the Northern Ireland border issue. The UK government revealed their resolution to avoid a hard-border, but the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has questioned the proposals. Theresa May has suggested a time-limited “backstop” if a trade deal is not in place by 2021.

Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiatior 

Furthermore, she suggested that this would involve the whole of the UK which would simply match EU tariffs instead. However, Barnier did imply that there was some positive elements, saying that he welcomed the publication of the paper by the UK.

So what has the EU offered as a solution? Well, they have offered a different “backstop approach”, suggesting that Northern Irealnd would remain aligned with EU rules for a period.

However, the UK government have said that this will clearly separate Northern Ireland with the rest of the UK. The EU’s plan could furthe  undermine Theresa May as the DUP and the Conservatives are in an unofficial agreement in the House of Commons, and the DUP would never accept the EU’s suggestions.

Undoubtedly, the Northern Ireland border issue is a difficult one, but Mrs May must put her foot down if she wants to ensure a positive deal for the UK, as well as a fair one of the EU.

Frustratingly, one of Theresa May’s biggest challenges as a leader is her Foreign Secretary. Boris Johnson has criticised the UK government for saying it “lacks guts” and that we must take a tougher stance on the EU. It was revealed that he made comments at a private dinner suggesting President Trump could do a better job. Furthermore, he reportedly also criticised Phillip Hammond and the Treasury saying it was the “heart of Remain”.

boris johnson.jpg
Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary 

It appears that Brexit is not heading in the way most of us leave supporters expected, but that is as much the fault and bullying from the EU as it is the disunity regarding the UK government. Downing Street said Theresa May had “full confidence” in Boris as Foreign Secretary.

The next few weeks are going to be crucial for this government. Numerous Brexit votes are going to take place in the House of Commons, and it is vital that Theresa May shows leadership and orders the whips to do their jobs.

Earlier this month, rumours were flying around the media about various Conservative MP’s preparing for a next General Election. Although this seems very unlikely, if Theresa May fails to pass this legislation, then it will seem increasingly likely that an election would have to be held. Without a majority of MP’s, it is very difficult to get anything done, and if these series of Brexit votes fail, then she will have no choice.

However, absolutely no one in the country, apart from die-hard Corbyn supporters, want another major vote in this country. People are sick and tired of politics, and are fed up with the amount of coverage of Brexit. Theresa May must show why she is the current Prime Minister, and start leading the Conservative party to ensure that Brexit is a success.

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