This week proved that Theresa May will always be a better choice than Corbyn!


This week has been one of the most dramatic in 2018, and Theresa May has demonstrated her strong leadership. Jeremy Corbyn has been, as usual, weak and too afraid to make any serious decisions. There have been multiple events this week where the leaders have had the opportunity to show to the UK public why they have been elected to their position, but only one of the leaders succeeded.

The week started with the Syrian missile air strikes, and there has been much debate over whether Theresa May was correct in authorising the strikes without the official permission of parliament. However, her actions were completely justified! Our American and French allies needed us to stand with them and show a united force, and that is exactly what our Prime Minister did.

trump, may, and macron.jpg
President Trump, Prime Minister May, and President Macron

Following the strikes on Syria, Theresa May delivered a statement on Monday explaining why it was morally and legally the correct decision to take. As she delivered her powerful and passionate speech, Conservative backbench MP’s supported her with loud cheers.

May statement on Syria.png
Theresa May delivering her statement on the Syrian Air Strikes in the House of Commons

Jeremy Corbyn then delivered his response, and there was pure anger throughout the commons benches. One of his first lines in the speech was “this statement serves as a reminder that the PM is accountable to this parliament and not the whims of the US President”. There was complete disgust at this remark, and the Prime Minister was even caught rolling her eyes at this sentence.

There has been a general consensus throughout modern British political history, that when military action is taken, leaders of the major parties unilaterally support the decision. However, Jeremy Corbyn chose to humiliate himself by questioning the Prime Minister’s decision and instead appear to be a Putin-Assad sympathiser!

corbyn syria response.jpg
Jeremy Corbyn delivering his response to Theresa May’s statement on the Syrian air strikes

The Syrian strikes and statements were only at the start of the week, but then came the debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening regarding anti-semitism. Labour MP’s bravely recalled their experiences of anti-semitism. One Labour MP screamed at his own front bench saying that Corbyn must kick out former London Mayor Ken Livingstone for his claims that “Hitler was a zionist” and many other horrible remarks. Obviously, this was nothing but negative for the Labour Party, and rightly so!

labour jew protest.jpg
Labour’s ongoing anti-Semitism crisis

Then came the battle of Prime Minister’s questions on Wednesday. Following the Windrush scandal, Jeremy Corbyn asked the Prime Minister whether she was responsible for the decision to destroy some of the landing cards in 2010, whilst she was Home Secretary. However, Theresa May delivered a bombshell by revealing it was a Labour government in 2009 which made the decision to destroy them, which was followed by an uproar of laughter from Conservative MP’s.

Nevertheless, Jeremy Corbyn decided to carry on and then called Theresa May and her government “callous”. Understandably, the PM then responded saying that Corbyn is in no position to use that phrase against her when the Labour Party is fighting a battle of internal anti-Semitism. There was no doubt that Theresa May had defeated Corbyn in this particular battle of PMQ’s.

theresa may pmq
Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday

What is clear from observing the events this week, is that Jeremy Corbyn is an unpatriotic, and indecisive leader. His embarrassing moments at PMQ’s as well as his disgraceful response to the Syrian air strikes have shown nothing but terrible leadership. It is no surprise that Theresa May’s party is leading in the opinion polls.

If there was a General Election tomorrow, then it would be a pretty safe bet that the Conservatives would win with a majority. However, the 2018 local government elections are taking place in just 3 weeks time, and it will be very interesting to see whether Corbyn and the Labour Party will make the significant gains they were expecting following their past few weeks of turmoil!

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