The UK must support President Trump in his response against the Syrian regime 

President Trump has assured the western world that the US government will respond to the reported attacks in Syria. According to opposition rebels, the evil government regime led by Assad dropped bombs filled with harmful chemicals on the city of Douma.

Various reports have stated that over 500 people have had to been treated for exposure to deadly toxins. This latest attack has a huge significance throughout the world rather than simply in the Middle East. It is absolutely vital that Theresa May and the other leaders of Europe support President Trump in whatever action he decides to take next.


Why did the Syrian government target Douma? The city is the last major city held by the rebels which is close to the country’s capital, Damascus. However, in recent weeks the capital city has been under attack from the opposition rebels. The reason Russia are involved is because President Assad of Syria consider the Russians as allies. Furthermore, Russia view supporting Syria as an opportunity to demonstrate their opposition to the western world’s sanctions on their country.

assad and trump.jpg
President Assad and President Trump

However, Russia’s response to the alleged chemical attack is that there has been no proof of any toxic substances being used. The government have also said they will send Russian troops to Douma in order to stabilise the region. President Trump has consistently been against Assad’s government and tweeted “Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!'”.

There is no doubt that President Trump will respond with force; having cancelled his first official trip to Latin America in order to prepare. However, Theresa May is currently still unsure whether to support the US President. According to the Times newspaper, she believes that more evidence is needed to be certain that a military response is appropriate.

theresa may expels russia diplomats
Prime Minister Theresa May addressing the House of Commons following the Russian Spy poisoning

Nonetheless, whatever President Trump decides Theresa May must support him. The world is in another stage of Cold War-like tension, therefore the last thing European governments need to be is neutral. Although unlikely, there is still a reasonable chance that military conflict will over-escalate which could lead to further problems.

Theresa May’s opinion poll ratings have significantly increased following her conduct regarding the Russian spy poisoning in March. If she wants to continue being perceived as a strong leader, then she must support President Trump for the sake of consistency and the west’s democratic values!



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