Theresa May is delivering Brexit, and both sides should stop moaning!


Over the last few days, Theresa May has been extremely successful and is currently showing genuine leadership. However, both Brexiteers and Remainers are whining and fussing over the details of her Brexit policies and negotiations. Very simply, they should shut up and realise that negotiating with the EU is far more complicated than most people could imagine!

theresa and michel.jpg
Michel Barnier and Theresa May have finally reached an agreement on the UK’s transition period. 

Only this week, Theresa May has secured the transition period from March 2019 to December 2020. This was by no means an easy task, as Mr Barnier and the EU’s senior figures were constantly talking of the UK “regretting Brexit” and how we should be more lenient in our negotiation stance. However, Theresa May has overcome this scary obstacle and has delivered on her promise.

So why are people from both sides still complaining?

For Brexiteers, her concession of the UK still having to abide by EU laws until the end of the implementation period was a big shock. Furthermore, figures such as Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg were horrified at the idea that the UK would not have control over fishing waters until we have completely left in 2021. These are understandable reasons for complaining about the agreement, but the last thing the UK needs is an argument with the EU. After all, Brexiteers  won the referendum and spoke a message of hope and optimism.

nigel farage dumps fish.jpg
Nigel Farage throwing dead fish in the River Thames after the transition agreement announcement 

On the other side, remainers are moaning because they are still upset about the referendum result and don’t understand how democracy works. This argument is now starting to become tedious, and this is clearly demonstrated in the opinion polls, which shows that support for a 2nd EU referendum is still incredibly low. It is obvious as to why the public don’t want another vote, because there have been 3 major votes in 3 years (2015 and 2017 General election, 2016 EU referendum). No wonder people are fed up of the constant campaigning, so people who backed remain just need to MOVE ON.

vince cable
Liberal Democrat leader, Vince Cable, is desperate to have a 2nd EU referendum 


Theresa May is becoming a more popular Prime Minister by the second, and is currently appearing more mature, professional, and determined than Jeremy Corbyn. This was certainly helped by her response to the alleged Russian spy poisoning which occurred in the UK only last week. Her decision to expel 23 Russian diplomats and impose sanctions on Russia was a bold but very popular move, with people from all sides supporting her tough stance!

theresa may expels russia diplomats.jpg
Theresa May delivering her statement regarding the alleged Russia spy poisoning attack 

UK politicians from both sides of the EU debate must understand that either a “no deal and walk away” or a 2nd referendum would plainly make people completely lose faith with politicians. Let’s just let Theresa May get on with doing her job, and accept that we are not going to get everything that was promised in the referendum. The Prime Minister did back the remain side, but she is determined to make the UK a better place than before when we were under EU control.

The message from Opinionate is….SHUT UP AND LET HER DO THE JOB! Once the Brexit deal has been negotiated, then we can start complaining. However, the deal is neither going to be a dreamworld or a disaster, but there is no doubt that the UK public made the correct choice in voting to leave!




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