Theresa May gives positive and honest Brexit speech. We must now unite!

Theresa May set out the economic vision of the UK after we have left the European Union at her Mansion House speech. This was the first time that the Prime Minister had been brutally honest with the British people. In the speech, the economic reality and policy post-Brexit was outlined. There was also talk about Northern Ireland and how the UK resolves that issue. The speech was honest, but it was also very positive and now it is time for the UK to unite!

The Prime Minister began the speech by repeating what she had said on the steps of Downing Street when she delivered her first address to the country in 2016.

After this, she discussed the economic policy and blatantly rejected Labour’s policy of a new customs union. She made it perfectly clear that we are leaving both the single market and the customs union, which will please many Brexiteers.

However, it became apparent that the UK would not have as much access to markets across Europe as it did before, which was the first time this was admitted to the public.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister also conceded that this is a negotiation, so the UK and the EU will not get everything they want. This has to be highly respected by the Prime Minister, and although it may not sound very popular, it is certainly a wise move and a respectable statement.

However, on the question of the Northern Ireland border and how we prevent a hard border, there was no real answer or solution. Theresa May wanted to ensure that the UK government was working with both the EU commission and the Irish government on this issue.

Furthermore, Theresa May also admitted that we will be remaining in some EU institutions; such as the European Aerospace Agency. Although many Brexiteers will originally be cross about this, it must be accepted.

The speech was designed to be both a positive one but while also giving a reality check to the UK public. If Conservative Party MP’s can unite behind her, regardless of their stance on the EU, then this will undoubtedly be beneficial popularity wise.

We at Opinionate are pro-brexit and patriotic, and we believe that this speech was a brilliant one. The UK population MUST realise that Brexit will happen, and unite together to ensure that we make a success of Brexit!!

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