New immigration figures show EU nationals are leaving the UK!

The latest figures show that EU citizens are leaving the UK at the highest level for over a decade. According to the figures, over 130,000 emigrated to the EU last year. However, figures also show a significantly higher number of EU nationals moved to the UK in the same period, around 220,000. Therefore, the net number of EU migrants arriving in the UK was 90,000, THIS IS STILL TOO HIGH!!

Line chart tracking UK emigration, EU immigration and non-EU immigration since 2007.

These figures are not surprising, as many EU nationals still face an uncertain future due to Brexit. During the referendum, immigration was a huge part of the debate and many will see these figures as positive. The ONS (office for national statistics) admitted that Brexit may be a factor, but there are also many other reasons.

However, don’t be fooled by these latest immigration figures, as it only discusses immigration from within the EU. Figures released also show that 285,000 people arrived in the UK from OUTSIDE the EU in the same period, and just 80,000 people left. Therefore, that is a net migration figure of 200,000. Combining the 200,000 with the 90,000, this means that the overall migration figure is still too high at 290,000….which is the same level as 2014 (a record year).

Chart: Long term international migration

So what should the government do about this?

Well, the Conservative Party 2015 Manifesto pledged to get immigration down to below net 100,000 per year. That figure is just pointless and they clearly plucked it out of thin air, because as long as we remain tied to the EU, we CANNOT control migration.

The simple solution, as soon as we leave the EU, we aim for a NET migration number of 0. That means for every citizen that leaves the UK, another may enter. This will mean that migration will benefit our country but it will not stretch the public services as it is today.

Migration is a GOOD thing, but it must be controlled and there must be a limit on how many people are allowed to enter this wonderful nation!



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