EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We speak to the English Democrats Party.

Opinionate was given an exclusive interview with the party’s National Communications Director, Stephen Morris. Many people have probably never heard of the English Democrats, due to their small membership and lack of elected representatives. However, their policies certainly make an interesting read and their ambitions is something to be admired.

As soon as people hear the name “English Democrats”, they would assume it is a far–right organisation. However, this is completely WRONG as Stephen Morris points out that the party has centrist policies, and is nothing like a hateful organisation.

So what are their main policies? The party is committed leaving the EU, but primarily wants to ensure there is English Independence from the UK and the creation of an English Parliament. Mr Morris highlighted the fact that under the Blair government, the other three countries of the UK (Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) all got their devolution deals. However, there was no deal for England, which is both unfair and ridiculous.

None of these policies seem outrageous or racist, but instead are COMMON SENSE! So why hasn’t the party been successful in elections. Mr Morris emphasised three key problems:

Firstly, the media have always portrayed the English Democrats as “racist” because of the word “English” in their party’s name, and never seem to actually read up on their policies.

Secondly, the formidable rise of UKIP took away the patriotic vote due to their sole aim of leaving the EU.

Thirdly, financially the party have no millionaire donors, and all of the candidates are self-funded.

When observing their election results, it is easy to see why finance is such a significant issue. In 2010, the English Democrats fielded over 100 candidates in the General Election, but in 2017 only a mere 7 were fielded. What was remarkable though, is Mr Morris’s explanation of why electoral success is not the only focus for the party. It almost sounded like a concession, but Mr Morris said that if the major parties could listen and adopt some of their aims, then the ultimate goal of independence may be achieved more quickly.

However, electoral performances could improve dramatically in the 2018 May local elections. Primarily, this is down to the fall of UKIP which will possibly persuade some voters to return to their patriotic roots. This progress has already taken place where the party got a higher number of votes than UKIP in the Greater Manchester Mayoral election in 2017.

The main question is, will we see the English Democrats rise dramatically and become a significant party in British Politics imminently? Probably not, but their message is certainly a positive one, and if the party became more publicised, it is certain that they would perform far better than expected.



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