Barack Obama has allegedly been invited to the Royal Wedding, but not TRUMP!


According to various newspapers, including the Daily Mail and Daily Star, the former US President has been invited to the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, President Trump is reportedly not receiving an invite. This move could cause a huge strain on the “special relationship” between the UK and USA.

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement in 2018, wild rumours have spread about who will feature on the guest list. It is unusual for a British Royal to marry outside of the UK’s aristocracy. Although Meghan and Harry’s relationship is adorable, it is rather worrying to discover that the current US President has not received an invite.

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Earlier this year, when President Trump was asked about whether he was invited, he replied “i haven’t heard or received anything”. Unsurprisingly, Barack Obama and Prince Harry developed a special bond when they teamed up to help expand the Invictus Games; a sports tournament where disabled veterans compete.

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According to sources from Buckingham Palace, the wedding will be done “the way Harry and Meghan want” rather than have hundreds of advisers making decisions for them. The wedding will take place in May at St George’s chapel, which holds around 800 people.

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All of the writers here at Opinionate cannot wait to watch the special occasion, however we certainly hope President Trump will be there. If Trump is not invited, then it will certainly cause some tension between the two countries, and may damage any prospects for a free trade deal post-Brexit. We can only hope and pray that the Royal Family and their advisers make the correct decision!

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