Conservatives take the lead in latest opinion poll despite recent infighting!

The Conservative Party finally have something to be positive about; with a recent Yougov poll showing that the party is beating Labour. The Poll, which was conducted between 5-6th February 2018, asked 2,000 people on their voting intentions, showed the Conservative Party on 43% and Labour on 39%. This will come as a relief to many Tory MP’s and supporters, as their party has been infighting due to the Brexit negotiations.

Yougov poll

Theresa May will be thrilled with this poll because for the last 2 months she has failed to gain a lead over Labour. Furthermore, this may silence her critics who believe that she is taking the wrong approach to the Brexit negotiations. However, the main shock of this poll is that Labour are 4 points behind, which is the biggest drop in predicted vote share since 2017.

Moreover, when further examining the poll the question of  “who would make the best Prime Minister”, Theresa May scored 37% whilst Jeremy Corbyn scored just 29%. This is certainly proof that despite hard-Brexiteers, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, and remainers such as Anna Soubry MP, challenging her position on Brexit, she still remains strong and stable.

Former Business Minister and Conservative MP Anna Soubry recently threatened to quit the part due to the prominence of “hard brexiteers” on the Tory backbenches. However, she is becoming more unpopular by the day and soon her voice will be seen as simply irrelevant. This could be down to the fact that she has teamed up with the dreadful Labour MP Chukka Umunna in an attempt to crush Brexit.

Anna and Chukka.jpg

However, over the last 6 months the opinions polls have clearly shown that UK politics is being dominated by two parties; which hasn’t happened since the emergence of the SDP in the 1980’s. The Liberal Democrats are on 8% whilst UKIP are still on a depressing 3%. This could also be seen as a positive for Theresa May, as in previous election the Liberal Democrats and UKIP have been seen as a bigger threat to the Conservatives than Labour!



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