Has Feminism gone too far?

This week marked the 100th anniversary of the suffragette movement achieving votes for women in the UK. There is absolutely no doubt that this was a wonderful achievement as it was, and still is, an inspiration for women across the globe. However, is feminism today ruining the great reputation of that movement by going too far and is it becoming overly militant?

Firstly, let’s take a look at the history of feminism and why this 100th anniversary is so special. The women’s suffragettes movement had an incredible task ahead of them; trying to give women the vote. Previous to the historic year of 1918, the movement was merely seen as a controversial group. However, it was moments and figures which gained attention; the obvious example is the monumental event when Emily Davison ran in front of the King’s horse during the 1913 Epson Derby. This was witnessed by thousands and is viewed as one of the iconic moments in British women’s history.

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However, throughout the 20th century sexism was still prominent. when Margaret Thatcher became the first woman Prime Minister in the UK, there was still vast swathes of sexism and discrimination in parliament. No doubt however, she proved them wrong due to holding office for a staggering 11 years and earning the famous nickname the “Iron lady”.

So let’s fast forward to the present day, and this is where feminism is becoming controversial. All of the writers at Opinionate are strong believers in equality for both genders, so please don’t think we hate women! However, the feminism movement has certainly moved from wanting equality, to wanting pure domination. The values that the likes of Emily Pankhurst, and other suffragettes have vanished. It is no surprise that expressions such as “militant feminists” and “feminazis” are becoming more common.

The fact is that in order for feminism to be taking seriously, it needs to restore its old values and approach the issue of discrimination in all areas of societies in a more rational manor. If the worldwide movement continues to be so aggressive, then it will counteract itself.  The obvious example of this is President Trump’s campaign and term in office, where the democrats constantly moan about his language towards women, without realising that 42% of women voted for him.

So here is a message for the feminism movement; restore your true identity, and instead of intimidation and aggressiveness, be positive and promote your message in a kind way. If we look at the recent campaigns that have been successful; Donald Trump, Brexit, and Jeremy Corbyn, they all have one thing in common…..the message of HOPE!

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