Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams wants Jeremy Corbyn as next PM.

Gerry Adams, who has been the long term leader of Sinn Fein praised Corbyn in an interview and wants him to become the next UK Prime Minister. Adams has led the anti-UK party for nearly 35 years is a hugely controversial figure.

Adams is now 69 years old, and will be replaced as leader of Sinn Fein by Mary Lou Mcdonald. He has always supported a united Ireland, and has caused huge controversy in politics because of his terrorist links.

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However, Adams realised that his endorsement would be controversial saying “I hope it is not used against him the time ahead”. There is always going to be strong opinions on the legacy of Mr Adams, but for most of the UK he will be seen as a terrorist sympathiser who justified the deaths of British soldiers and citizens.

Jeremy Corbyn has attempted to distance himself over the issue of the IRA since he became leader of the Labour Party. Corbyn is famous for having invited some members of the IRA, including Gerry Adams, to Westminster to talks about peace in Northern Ireland. However, this endorsement certainly won’t help Corbyn’s attempt at moving away from this topic.

Northern Ireland is currently in a stage of crisis, as their devolved parliament has failed to form a government, with the DUP getting 28  seats and Sinn Fein 27 seats in the local elections. The two parties are very unlikely to reach an agreement, thus their parliament will remain empty.

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