Labour’s Momentum have received complaints of intimidation from LABOUR COUNCILLORS!

Momentum is facing another wave of criticism after multiple complaints from a local Labour party branch. (below) Barbara Blake, a Labour member who sits on Haringey council, a borough of London. She said that she lost her role because of the pressure by Momentum.

momentum barbara blake

Momentum were causing havoc in the local party, as the organisation urged the council to prevent a £2 billion deal with a private property developer to build 6,500 new homes. It certainly is not a coincidence that at least 15 Haringey Labour councillors have withdrawn from, or been disallowed for standing in the local elections in May.

Mrs Blake caused friction with the group after retweeting an article of which there were complaints about certain members in Momentum. The controversial radical-left group are simply bullying multiple candidates. Mrs Blake said that she wasn’t given a chance to give her opinion, and that Momentum campaigners have taken over their Labour branch.

Momentum believe they are a “new kind of politics” and give huge credit to themselves of the shock General Election result in 2017. There is no doubt that this organisation is a force to be reckoned with, and as Barbara Blake has shown, it would be very difficult to overcome them.

We at Opinionate are certainly not supporters of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies or his party, but this obvious bullying should be called out. Momentum are not the Labour Party and if they don’t like diversity of opinion within the party they should simply LEAVE!

momentum jeremy corbyn

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