Trump’s first State of the Union address was incredible!


President Trump delivered a truly remarkable State of the Union, the first of his time in office. He used the phrase “new American moment” as well as his usual catchphrases of “America first” and “Make America great again”. In the speech, Mr trump highlighted his brilliant economic record, and also promised dramatic changes to immigration.

The State of the Union address was shown in prime time, at 9pm US time. It is expected that around 40 million people watched the event. Some democrats boycotted the event, while other turned up in all-black clothing. However, this was merely a pathetic protest and no one noticed their immaturity.

So what were the main highlights of the speech??

Firstly, President Trump ensured that everyone watching would know how successful the US economy is doing. Under his Presidency, 2.4 million jobs have been created, and Afro-American unemployment has reached the lowest point since records began. Mr Trump said he was building a “safe, strong, and proud America”.

trump economy.jpg

Secondly, the President also announced that he will keep open Guantanamo bay and reverse President Obama’s plans to close it down. When Mr Trump said this there was arguably the biggest applause of the speech, as many Republicans were delighted to here this.

trump g bay.jpg

Thirdly, Trump announced dramatic reforms to immigration with his “four pillars”, which included building the wall along the Southern border, and boosting funding for ICE and border controls. However, in a surprise move he has said that 1.8 million Dreamers will be allowed US citizenship over a 12 year period. Thankfully though, he promised an end to “chain migration” and said he will always put the “American people first”.

trump border wall.jpg

Finally, he truly restored the American dream. His combination of economic performance and patriotism is to be admired. There is no doubt, that after this speech his approval ratings will boost from an all-time low at 40%, to a far higher figure. The 80 minute speech was met with applause and cheers from the Republicans, and even at some moments by a few Democrats.

trump american dream.jpg

This President is delivering his promises to the American people, it is about time that other leaders become inspired by his way of rule. Furthermore, the liberal-elite media need to stop reporting on petty issues and scandals, as it clearly isn’t affecting his success as leader of the Free world.

Trump state of the Union happy.jpg


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