A message to Conservatives party MP’s and members: SHUT UP and back your leader!

Theresa May is facing yet another wave of criticism from some MP’s and supporters, who are now worried about her leadership, BUT they are so naive because if they replaced Theresa May, Labour and other parties would demand a new election and the Conservatives  would almost certainly lose. Very simply, the Conservative Party need to back her leadership and try and put on a united front!

Over the last few days, various MP’s have been critical of Theresa May’s leadership AND of Chancellor Phillip Hammond. This is mainly down to Brexit, and many brexiteers argue that they have gone too “soft” in their approach and are not showing strong enough signs of a successful Brexit deal. However, these MP’s and Conservative Party members who are moaning don’t realise how difficult it is for the Prime Minister and the Brexit negotiating team. Furthermore, they are clueless on the potential events which would occur if the Prime Minister was ousted.


Regarding the Brexit negotiations, Eurosceptic MP’s have argued that the government’s current strategy is too weak and submissive. Conservative MP Johnny Mercer, has said that the “window is closing” for the Prime Minister to face a leadership contest. However, Downing Street responded by arguing that the PM has been “grasping the many opportunities” whilst also achieving great things domestically. Nevertheless, prominent Brexiteers have argued that the PM needs to toughen up, with former Conservative minister John Redwood arguing that Mrs May has been too “friendly and encouraging to the EU”.

So why shouldn’t Theresa May be kicked out of Downing Street by her own party? The simple reason is the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn. Ever since the disastrous 2017 General Election, where Mrs May’s gamble back-fired and lost her majority, Jeremy Corbyn has said his party (Labour) are ready for another General Election at any time. Whether Conservative Party members like it or not, there will immediately be calls for another election as soon as Theresa May is replaced, and the Labour Party would be strong favourites to win. Would the Conservative members and MP’s really want to replace a leader and potentially ruin this country by allowing a socialist to enter Downing Street?


Although all of our writers here at Opinionate love and support Brexit, we accept that it is a very difficult task. If Brexiteers AND Conservative Party members want a successful Brexit and to prevent an awful Labour socialist government, then shut up and show some SUPPORT for your leader!!!





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