President Trump is putting the American people FIRST: other leaders should follow by example!

President Trump today said that he will always put the American people first, however he said that does not mean he cares only about America. The President was addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This seems to cause controversy, but it is very straightforward and other countries should do the same thing!

Mr Trump said that the “US is open for business”, and rightfully has the intention of ensuring America restores is once-great economic potential. His campaign was focused around “Make America Great Again”, and that was a fundamental reason as to why he won the Presidential election.


The economy has performed remarkably well under President Trump; 2 million jobs, and record economic growth. This is down to his historic tax cuts, and belief to expand the US economy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this plan, despite the mainstream liberal-elite media appearing shocked. Mr Trump urged other countries to “bring your jobs, money, and business to America”.

When walking into the conference room to deliver his speech, the President was given a loud applause, as the economic CEO’s clearly approve of his performance thus far. This President clearly represents and believes in the American people, and it is about time that other countries start putting their people FIRST!





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