RACIST Labour Party offer members a discount to rally only if you are from an ethnic minority background…

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party have understandably come under fire due to offering discounted rally tickets to black and minority members, otherwise known as “BAME”. This is utterly disgraceful from the party, and has received a vast amount of criticism.

Equality watchdogs are looking at whether Labour broke the law. The rally tickets were for an event which was due to take place in the East Midlands in February. People who were part of BAME were able to get tickets for £30, which is £10 cheaper than normal prices (see below pricing).

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Understandably, a Conservative MP complained to the Equality commission, and they responded by saying there will be an investigation before they decide what action to take. However, a regional Labour Party Spokeseman argued that it was a positive step because it will “encourage attendance and improve representation”.

Here is the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of RACISM: “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race”.


Very simply, the Labour Party have BROKEN THE LAW by being discriminatory to white people by offering them more expensive tickets just for the colour of their skin. What a bunch of nasty, desperate, and unpleasant socialists!

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