President Trump adores Brexit and predicts “tremendous increase in UK trade”

After talks with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, President Trump has predicted that there will be a “tremendous increase” in trade between the two nations. The President said the two countries were “joined at the hip”, which has demonstrated to the world that the special relationship is still very much in tact.

The two leaders were in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum whereby the discussion of Brexit was very much on the agenda. There were countless positive words from the President regarding the UK saying that he and Theresa May “like each other a lot”. This is a fabulous indication that the UK will become a truly global nation after Brexit. USA UK shaking deal.jpg

Mr Trump has been in office for just over a year, and the economy in the USA is truly booming! 2 million more jobs, and record economic growth, showing that his leadership is truly working. We desperately hope that Prime Minister May will keep the relationship strong in order to guarantee Brexit success and a free trade deal with the USA.

Obviously, the mainstream media were quick to jump at the rumours regarding Trump’s State Visit to the UK. Downing Street have now confirmed that the visit officials were in discussion but admitted this year’s visit by President Trump would only be a working visit and NOT a State Visit.

Regardless of the minor issue of the State Visit, it is crucial that Theresa May ensures that the USA and President Trump will fulfil its promises to have a beneficial trade deal. Everything is currently pointing in the right direction,  but now we need ACTION!

USA UK trade deal.jpg

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