White and Proud? DON’T BE AFRAID TO SAY IT!

In today’s society, whether it be in the USA or UK, and you say you are ” proud to be a white person” you immediately get labelled as a racist. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and it is time to celebrate our culture. By saying this expression, we are not saying that we are better than any other culture or skin colour, but simply we are proud of our heritage.

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Groups such as Black lives Matter celebrate their inspirational figures, such as Martin Luther King, and it is time for us to do the same. We must not forget either the great monarchs (for the UK), Presidents (for the USA), and many other inspirational figures. People are scared to say they are proud of  figures such as Admiral Lord Nelson, Queen Victoria, or President Trump. Whether people like it or not, all of these people have been successful and an inspiration to millions of people.

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However, as soon as the likes of them are mentioned, especially UK historical figures, the subject of colonialism is brought up and then the subject is closed. Of course there were some horrible elements of colonialism, such as the slave trade, but we should celebrate other factors of what makes nations like the UK and USA so brilliant.

Our writers are fed up of hearing that everyone is inspirational and deserves to be celebrated UNLESS they are a white man. It is time for this to stop, so if you are proud of your heritage and ancestors then damn well say you are. The idea that white people must shut up because they have had it “too easy for all of history” is complete nonsense and is unacceptable.

Therefore, it is time to stand up and say you are proud to be a white person, WHICH IS NOT RACIST, and celebrate the fact that white people have achieved a great deal. However, we absolutely despise people that believe white people are better than everyone else just because of skin colour, BUT we are simply saying that we should no longer be afraid to celebrate our culture and heritage.

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