President Trump’s first year in office: GOOD OR BAD???


This week marked President Trump’s first year in office, and there have been many wide ranging opinions of whether it has been successful or not. Trump’s victory was a shock to the world, and he has certainly changed the conventional way of doing things in American politics. So we take a look at whether his first year has been GOOD or BAD.

One of the most obvious successes to Trump’s Presidency is the economy. Over 2 million jobs have been created in his first year, and unemployment is at a 17 YEAR record low. This is mainly because of his staggering tax cuts, and his promise to “renew the American dream” which had obviously vanished under Barack Obama.

Furthermore, Trump’s impressive record on immigration has seen a 45 year record low on the number of recorded illegals entering across the US-Mexico border. Regardless of the wall, as it hasn’t been built yet, that is still remarkable. The worldwide media has portrayed Trump as radical and dangerous, but Trump knows all too well that he is fulfilling the promises of his millions of voters.

HOWEVER, not everything has been smooth-sailing for the President. He has failed to repeal Obamacare, and still does not have the full confidence of his Senators or Congressmen. The Mid-term elections in 2018 will prove vital to his term, because if the Democrats perform well then talk of impeachment becomes a real possibility.

Moreover, the constant Twitter feed and the empty threats made by the President has seen him hit a record-low approval rating at the end of his first year; at just 35%. BUT the Democrats have been so disorganised and there is no obvious frontrunner for the 2020 nomination, therefore Trump’s position looks relatively strong.

WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD? only time will tell, but we at Opinionate believe that Trump’s first year has certainly been more of a success than a failure. All the President needs to do now is keep calm and think sensibly for the next election.









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