French President FORCES UK to accept more refugees and migrants from Calais.


President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has forced the UK to accept more migrants and to spend more money on Calais defences. It is believed an extra £44.5 million is to be spent on CCTV, fences, and technology to ensure the border crossing are safe and secure. President Macron is visiting the UK for the Anglo-French summit with Prime Minister Theresa May. This is a shocking move, and clearly shows the French cannot be trusted with money nor migrants.

The EU-loving President is a staunch supporter of Britain remaining in the EU, and argues that Britain is going in a “separate direction” to France, WE SAY THANK GOODNESS!!

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President Macron, who was elected as President of France in 2017, has been subject to the worst opinion poll ratings of any President in their first year in office. It isn’t a surprise, as euroscepticism in France is rising. The National Front have made significant gains due to their patriotic and anti-EU stance.

The two countries are both influential to many countries in the world, and both sit on some of the world’s most powerful councils. However, while President Macron controls parliament and is in a powerful position, Theresa May has no majority in the House of Commons and must rely on support from other parties to carry through legislation.

Brexit will dominate talks during the summit, however it is CRUCIAL that the UK does not become a puppet of France and simply accept whatever they say. We are a fantastic nation, and Mrs May should start to realise that.

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