EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We speak to Steven Westerfield, a Republican candidate in the State of Illinois.

Steven Westerfield is a Republican candidate who is hoping to be elected to the Illinois House of Representatives from the 99th district. He shared his views on Trump, his personal campaign, and Brexit. Politics in the United States is certainly going through significant change, so having a small insight into how it works was fascinating.

Steven’s life is remarkable; having grown up in poverty and in a tough neighbourhood. However, he turned it around when he met his wife in 2006 and started connecting with the Church again. This is evident as Mr Westerfield is passionate about family law reform, and giving equal rights to BOTH parents after separation or divorce. His policies are something to admire, but as he highlighted money is key if you want to do well in politics in the USA.

In the USA, there are multiple candidate from both parties so the public votes in “primaries”. These elections determine who is going to be the candidate for their respective party. Although Steven is up against some rich and high profile candidates, it is not a foregone conclusion.

In the interview, the issues of guns and President Trump were discussed. Steven is passionate about the 2nd Amendment and responded to the argument that guns should be banned by saying “I will only disarm when the military and the police disarm”. The 2nd amendment is a controversial subject throughout the USA, but it now clear that there will never be a President that will outright ban guns without a HUGE backlash and social movement.

Furthermore, Steven was a passionate supporter of Trump, and was the Volunteer coordinator for the state of Illinois during his campaign. In the UK, Trump is very unpopular due to his comments regarding women and immigration. Steven does accept that some comments do more harm than good, but frankly said “it is nice to have a President who is open about his views”. He highlighted that all politicians are “hypocrites” and once in front of a camera, they are like a robot. Steven is also a supporter of building the border wall, and believes that Trump offers hope.

Brexit is the dominant issue here in the UK, and when asked what he thought about it, Steven responded by saying it was “a beacon of hope”. Trump and Brexit are remarkably similar, because they give power back to the people. There is both a huge divide in the UK and the USA on these issues, but the people have spoken both times and the public must accept the outcome. When asked about whether there is a worrying rise in racist/nationalist views Steven said that there isn’t an obvious rise and he condemns groups who support white supremacy. He highlighted the fact that “people are starting to come out and say they are proud to be white, and that is not racist”. This is absolutely true, and it is very similar to the UK wherebynif you are a proud Brexiteer and under the age of 30 you will be screamed at.

The elections will certainly not be easy for Steven, but he has further political ambitions regardless of whether he gets elected. Steven’s focus is on young people, and trying to reform the local Republican party. This should be admired, and while he may not get elected this time, let’s hope that Steven goes as far as possible and help change local communities.

You can see how Steven is doing by visiting his official website





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