Founder of Momentum is elected onto Labour’s NEC as Comedian Eddie Izzard FAILS again!

John Lansman, momentum

The founder of Momentum, the left wing supporting Corbyn group, Jon Lansman was among three new members elected. He said the result was a victory for “21st century socialism”. Among the candidates was the painfully irritating Eddie Izzard, who came fourth and FAILED to get elected. The National Executive Committee (NEC) is a huge contributor and controller of the direction of Labour Party policy.

The NEC has now turned into Corbyn’s heartland as nearly all of the members on the committee are far-left supporters. There are multiple varieties of members on the NEC; from Labour MP’s, Councillors, and Trade Unionists. The election of the founder of Momentum has all but confirmed that Labour has moved to the hard-left, and it will most definitely be very difficult for a centrist candidate to be elected as Labour leader for many years.

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Eddie Izzard, who was a staunch remainer during the Brexit campaign, came fourth and lost by over 20,000 votes. The  comedian also lost out to a LOCAL COUNCILLOR and a long-term member of the NEC who was re-elected. Mr Izzard congratulated the winners on twitter (see below) and it seems now has accepted that Jeremy Corbyn is going to be leading Labour into the next General Election.




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