UKIP Leader faces calls to resign over girlfriend’s racist texts.

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UKIP leader Henry Botlton OBE is facing calls to resign today after the Mail on Sunday published leaked texts of his girlfriend, Jo Marney aged 25, which clearly showed racist language relating to Meghan Markle. In the messages, Ms Marney said that Meghan, Prince Harry’s fiancee “taint” the Royal family and said that black people were ugly. This has lead, rather bizarrely, to UKIP members urging Mr Bolton to resign.

While the texts were obviously horrible and completely unacceptable, it is stupid of members to ask the leader to resign over a matter of which he was not a part of. Although this is embaressing for the leader, as the Daily Mail’s front page earlier this week exposed his relationship, it is rediculous that party members have called on him to step down. Ms Marney has apologised publically on twitter but also said that the texts were “taking out of context”. Bill Ethridge MEP, has called on the leader to go quickly and quietly. However, the last thing UKIP need is a 4th leadership contest in 18 months and would almost certainly be the ending of the party.

Paul Oakden, the current Chairman of UKIP, said in an interview with the Daily Politics that Henry Bolton OBE has “some difficult decisions to make” and said “whatever he does should be in the full interest of the party”. Regardless of various people’s positions it would be totally moronic for Mr Bolton to step down. UKIP has been a fundamental part of achieving the historic vote for Brexit, and a silly small scandal which no one will really notice does not mean the party should collapse.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said that these stories may be a good thing due to the press attention the party is getting. Although it sounds rather odd, it is in fact true; UKIP must rebuild from the ground up and old activists would are just being petty need to shut up and move on!

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