Sadiq Khan: Focus on London and NOT TRUMP!

sadiq khan

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has caused a stir ever since it was announced the President Trump was delaying his visit to the UK. While the majority of citizens in London don’t love the President, there is outrage about the criticism given to Trump by Sadiq Khan due to the appalling state London is in.

Recent crime figures for London reveal that out of 42 types of crime, 38 have increased by over 10% since the Mayor was elected. Furthermore, there have been 7 knife attacks in New Year. Leading figures from the news company Brietbart, such as Raheem Kassam, have called out Sadiq Khan on his pure hypocrisy. They are right to do so; it is unbelievable that a Mayor makes countless statements on foreign leaders and yet has nothing to say about the disastrous crime figures.

It was no surprise that Sadiq was elected as Mayor, due to the controversial billionaire Zac Goldsmith being his main rival. However, it would be very surprising if the Labour Mayor got re-elected, and many question as to whether he should even stand. Mr Khan has distanced himself from the hugely popular Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party. This is only going to backfire as there is a large following for socialism in this country, and the Labour Mayor will need as many activists as possible if he wants to stand a chance of re-election.

The simple message however is that Sadiq should SHUT UP about President Trump, and focus on your job. No one wants to hear your opinion about President Trump, and no one really cares about your opinion. DO YOUR JOB!!!


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