Should Oprah run for office in 2020? and would she win?


The most memorable moment of the Golden Globes this year was when Oprah Winfrey gave a 9 minute speech which prompted a twitter storm begging her to run for the Presidency in 2020. This has sparked huge debate, and the people doubt it have had the response of “if Trump can do it, why can’t she!”. However, there are some significant differences between Oprah and Trump’s careers and validity for office.

Oprah, who is a multi-billionaire and arguably the most famous and popular woman of the 21st century, rose to fame with her TV show and network. Her infamous interviews with the likes of Tom Cruise, Lance Armstrong, and many others has created a heavenly atmosphere around her. Many people would therefore say, she is exactly the same as Trump in being a non-politician and who would self-fund her campaign.

Let’s hang on one moment, all the celebrities and the many millions who want Oprah to run have forgotten Trump’s past and how it is very different. Donald Trump was a reality star for the Apprentice, but this is because he was a hugely successful businessman with a multi-billion dollar empire in real estate. Although he has declared bankruptcy 3 times in the past, time and time again he has managed to make his billions. Therefore, Trump is someone who knows how to make money and has been involved in hard work and business off-camera, unlike Oprah.

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Another major point to this debate is we have literally no idea where Oprah stands on political issues such as abortion, the death penalty, and tax rates. She herself has admitted to voting both Republican and Democratic, which makes it even more confusing. President Trump’s response to this hyped-up Oprah run for office by saying “Oprah and I are very good friends, it would be fun but I would beat her”. So another question could well be is did Oprah vote for Trump or Clinton in 2016!

Now onto the question of whether she would win. To be honest, that is basically an unanswerable question. However, we know that she would get the ethnic minority vote and that all of the liberal elite, the establishment, and the celebrities would endorse her. The question is, what key policies would she have to argue; Trump made it very obvious he was going to build a wall across the Mexican border, and give the biggest tax cut in history. If Oprah were to run, she would have to focus hugely on her policies and it would be the first time that Oprah herself is on the other side of the interview and there are serious doubts as to whether she could handle the 2 year campaign and scrutiny.

So should Oprah run? It is of course entirely up to her, but she must think about the scrutiny she would face and the potential backlash she would have to overcome. In answer to the question of whether she would win? In reality, surely not but anything is possible. The real question American citizens should be asking is, are celebrities and non-politicians as Presidents the new normal?

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