Is Donald Trump actually racist???


On January 12th, the UN branded Donald Trump as racist following his comments regarding African and Caribbean countries. It was recently reported that Trump was questioning why the US has to accept immigrants from “shithole” countries and believed that “people from Norway” are better suited. Unsurprisingly, this has prompted a furious backlash against the President, and no doubt celebrities will be the first to criticise him.

Everyone knows this is not the first time that Donald Trump has said something controversial. His referral to some Mexicans being “murderers and rapists” is a well-known quote. However, scratching past the surface, as his communication skills are terrible, is there really a pure racist in him? The fact is although the “shithole” countries are of course not all terrible, there is a significant lack in education and high skill work. This then begs the question as to why what he said was so wrong. The criticism which will hit the President will be because of his reference to Norway, and this instantly brings race and ethnicity into the mix.

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In the UK, many people believe the President is bonkers and simply cannot see why and how the american people voted for him. Trump has cancelled his visit to London, where he was due to open the new US embassy which cost £750 million to construct. Albeit it looks stunning (image left). However, Trumps decided to use this and the fact that the Obama administration approved this is deemed reasonable enough to cancel the whole visit. However, reports are already coming out that the real reason is because Trump fears he won’t be welcome in London and it would create a terrible image. Unfortunately, this is true as the vast majority of the UK public despise Trump for his apparently racist and sexist views.

To answer the original question is Donald Trump racist, then no he isn’t BUT the way he conducts his messages and the people he surrounds or previously surrounds with, such as Steve Bannon, does not help his case. His prime focus should be to unite the american people which would lead to even more economic growth and success under his presidency, and this is a MUST for a chance to win the 2020 presidential race.

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