Nigel Farage opens up the idea of a second referendum, is it a good idea???

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Ever since the EU referendum result, all we have heard from whinging remoaners is that us Brexiteers did not know what we were voting for and that a second referendum should be called after the referendum. Without wanting to scream as loudly as possible, let’s examine whether this is really a good idea?

Farage made a shock announcement this morning on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff, by saying a second referendum may not be a bad idea. His reasoning was because he strongly believed that “the vote to leave would be way bigger than in the first vote” and that we can finally “shut up the Blair’s and the Clegg’s of today”. Although this seems incredibly tempting, it is still a huge risk. Everyone should remember that pollsters put the leave campaign 10 points behind the remainers on the day of the vote, and Farage even conceded defeat as the votes were closed. However, of course that was not the case and the Brexiteers were victorious. Therefore, the main lesson to be learnt from this is NOT to assume the result.

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Whilst our writers here at Opinionate firmly agree that the leave vote would be considerably higher, the idea of wasting another £80 million on a referendum and making the public even more fed up of politics and elections is not worth the risk. Loyal supporters of Farage, such as the new UKIP leader Henry Bolton OBE and Raheem Kassam have both condemned Farage’s surprising suggesting. If there was to be a second referendum, it would give the painfully irritating remoaners, such as Chuka Ummuna and Tony Blair, a voice which no one really wants to listen to.

One of the most scary observations however is that if we gave the voters a second referendum, it would be a direct vote on how the government are handling brexit. Many hard Brexiteers truly despise Theresa May’s current handling of the negotiations, and of course many people who originally voted Brexit do NOT support the Conservative government. All of this just seems like too much of a risk, and could potentially destroy the hard work of millions of voters and activists for the leave campaign.

The simple answer then is, NO it isn’t a good idea. As tempting as it would be to silence remoaners forever, it really is too much of a risk worth taking.

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