Are the Conservatives certain to lose the next election?

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The simple answer is no, however there are many different arguments as to why not. Jeremy Corbyn is a disaster for the Conservative party and a real nightmare, but if the public scratched the surface slightly, then we would see there is hope. Mr Corbyn still does not have the significant backing of the Parliamentary Labour Party, and this does have an effect on the way he is portrayed at PMQ’s each week. Furthermore, Corbyn’s campaign style of big rallies draw huge comparisons with that of Michael Foot’s awful campaign against Margaret Thatcher.

However, the biggest problem for the Conservatives to overcome is the social media presence. Momentum is an enormous helping hand for Labour, and because it is a separate to the actual party, no money is being lost to run it. In the 2017 General Election, Momentum reached over 30 million people nationwide. Obviously this did not win Labour the election, but it definitely reduced the gap.

Enough about Labour, let’s focus on the Conservatives. To understand why they are so “out of touch” you just have to look at their front bench, and indeed the rest of their MP’s. The lack of diversity is almost insulting to the British public, and is only going to hinder them come the next campaign. Furthermore, Theresa May is not a youthful leader; the infamous “i don’t think the farmers were to pleased about when i ran through their wheat fields” in response to a question about being naughty was just laughable. BUT there will be some people reading this who will say Jeremy Corbyn is older than Theresa May so surely he is out-of-touch. WRONG! He has won over the youth, not just because of his broadly socialist policies, but because he has given the youth attention, which every young person wants and desires.

So with analysis out of the way, how can the Conservatives not lose? Very simply they MUST appeal to the younger generation. Build up a social media presence, and make the policies seem more enticing for younger voters. No one wants to pay university fees, and the Conservatives must keep their policy, but at least try to show some effort in listening to the youth on other matters.

So the answer to the question is….NO they are not certain to lose the next election BUT they are going to have to work jolly hard!

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