BBC Brexit bias has reached hilarious, pathetic, and disgraceful levels


The BBC is a world famous brand, and carries a huge amount of responsibility to produce the most accurate and neutral content. The corporation is a significant part of British media and culture, and this only burdens them with more duty to be a proper news organisation.

Currently, many people will say that something is “fake news” simply because they disagree. However, the BBC’s bias towards Brexit has reached a ridiculous level and it is the way they broadcast and represent which makes them bias. The British people can’t trust a news organisation which has a constant negative attitude to Brexit in their coverage, rather than a balanced approach to political debates.

Conservative MP Jacob Rees Mogg once said on Question Time that the BBC’s coverage of the referendum was “spectacular”, and he is absolutely right. The BBC conducted themselves in a professional manner, and were completely unbiased. Some may ask why have the BBC changed their stance so suddenly? The answer is because none of the liberal elite nor the mainstream media expected the leave campaign to win. There is clear evidence of this because of the way the British Pound Sterling fell in the market hours after the result; no one expected that outcome!

BBC bias
BBC programme figures showing blatant bias

Although it has always been known that “right-wing” and BBC don’t mix, before Brexit the bias wasn’t hugely noticeable. However, in the last few weeks we have seen stories from the BBC about “Brexit threat to Sandwiches” and all sorts of other bizarre coverage. It is blatantly obvious that the BBC are against Brexit, but as a prestigious news organisation they must recognise that the MAJORITY of people in the UK voted to leave the EU.

Another obvious example was when Theresa May’s government promised an extra £394 million per week for the NHS in June. When the BBC covered this, they spoke to the Office for National Statistics CEO, who started moaning about how this has nothing to do with Brexit. If the BBC were a neutral network, they would have then shown a Brexiteer or economist that welcomed the government’s spending commitment, but of course the BBC didn’t show anything…

BBC brexit bias
Newspapers highlighting the BBC’s incompetence in 2017

Nonetheless, it has to be said that the BBC’s political reporters are excellent; Laura Kuenssberg and Norman Smith are both excellent and knowledgeable commentators. The reporters are not to blame for the BBC’s total incompetence, but instead the producers of these programmes. They know that their message and coverage of Brexit and other political topics could potentially influence people’s voting intentions. Neutrality must be at the heart of the BBC, otherwise it will only further divide the country.

If the BBC continues to act in this unprofessional way, then there is a real possibility that the UK could enter the chaotic world of the US media. President Trump simply refuses to answer questions from CNN because he knows they are biased and unfair. Brexiteers are already starting to wake up and realise that BBC is not as esteemed as it once was. BBC is a world famous brand, and must ensure that it remains neutral in order to maintain that status.

Undoubtedly it is difficult being a journalist in such divisive times. However, due to the scale and importance of Brexit, being neutral becomes so much more crucial than any other topic. If the BBC openly said they were against Brexit, then that is fine and we can move on. Obviously they haven’t admitted that and never will, so they must do they second option and return to being a proper news organisation that is neutral and fair to ALL OPINIONS.




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