Here’s why Andrea Leadsom is the most valuable person to Theresa May


Andrea Leadsom MP is vital for Theresa May when it comes to holding onto power. The last few weeks have seen complete chaos for the Conservative government; with two prominent cabinet Brexiteer ministers resigning over the “Chequers plan”. Only seven cabinet ministers are Brexiteers, and therefore the Prime Minister must hold onto the remaining few in her cabinet if she wants a valid Brexit deal and to delay leadership challenges.

Leadsom, MP for South Northamptonshire, rose to fame during the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign. She was a key figure for the official Vote.Leave campaign, and appeared in all 3 of the major televised debates.

leadsom brexit.jpg
The Brexit team for the TV debates; Johnson, Stuart, and Leadsom

She is a proud Brexiteer, and therefore when the Conservative leadership contest arose due to David Cameron’s resignation she put her name in the ring. Undoubtedly, Brexiteers wanted her to win, but she pulled out of the race due to a controversial newspaper interview.

Despite her unsuccessful campaign for Conservative Party leader, she was appointed as Environment Secretary but is now the Leader of the House of Commons. Leadsom is obviously an experienced politician with various ministerial roles throughout her career.

Leadsom leadership.jpg
Leadsom’s campaign slogan during the Conservative leadership contest

However, since Boris Johnson and David Davis resigned, she has become crucial for Theresa May. Johnson and Davis both resigned because of the Chequers plans and believed that it did not represent what Brexiteers voted for.

It has been reported in the last few days, because of leaked cabinet meeting minutes, that Leadsom also “hated” the Chequers plan proposals. Unsurprisingly, pressure groups and organisations such as Leave.EU have questioned why Leadsom therefore has not resigned.

Nevertheless, Leadsom has told the press that the Chequers plans “must be taken seriously or the EU risked a no-deal Brexit”. However, it is also reported that the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier rejected the new plans in just “eight short minutes”. A no deal Brexit is certainly beginning to look like a real possibility.

The EU’s Chief negotiator Michel Barnier 

What remains a secret to the public, is what private conversations took place at Chequers. One possibility is that Prime Minister May told her ministers that a future position in her cabinet would be ruled out if they resigned over the Chequers plan.

Andrea Leadsom’s opinions have never been so important to Theresa May, and keeping her onside could not just keep Theresa in her position, but could also prevent a General Election. However, one thing is absolutely certain for all Brexiteers, is that we MUST NOT have Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist colleagues negotiating Brexit.




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